I sit among a room of blank, stark pages

Empty ideas, wordless tongue and mind

Thoughts of frustration, a mind yearning deep for a warm inspiration

Surrounded by kindling, yet it all too damp to light

Then my eyes lift, and gaze as you come into my world

Embers glow, hot and bright in the subtle curve of your smile;

Index and thumb click, the flick of your BIC

And to the rafters I feel my heart's smoky haze rise

I sit back, calm yet frenzied, watching you do what you do

As a flashpoint sparks behind hazel pupils

Flames begin to catch, dance, and spread

A blaze fills my barren void

With the light of your white hot, burning soul

Your passion travels along the silver thread of the universe

The spark you hold merges with mine

Igniting my mind with so many fertile possibilities

Consuming the old, creating new in the combustion

And so I am still, abask in the golden flame

That you my dear muse have lit;

From the ashes what will rise, will it be majestic like a phoenix's flight?

Til' then, on will I burn...

Tracy Powers

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