Vegetal Generosity




Vegetal Generosity

Shadows seep through my eyes

blindside recollection.

A cartography of memorial rings

etched year after year

in a backscape of trunks

records irresolute rhythms

of storm and sunshine

that distort crusted bark

                                                    and smart at their own longevity.

On this plantation sap distills in reams of cropped timber

quarries inlets through weather-beaten biographies

that propagate by instalments and shade my scribbled leaves.

I cover pages formed from the flesh of trees

with seminal inscriptions

framed to echo their own images

until they outgrow their stanzas

germinate footnotes

and release seasoned spores

ingrained with habits of composition.

I use tissues made from wood pulp

                                                           to wipe away salt traces                                                          

from the sharp thrust of seeds 

that gestate and crack and grow

with no finer purpose

than to rouse reticent sprouts

in parched undergrowth.

I add rings to my trunk and wrinkles to my bark

spread compost over embedded roots.

At times I long to transplant

but find content in scattered leaves

enlivened with green bloodstreams

gently drying to paper-thin maps     

etched with routes of biorhythms

                                                             and not yet mulched.              


Mori Glaser
Mori Glaser grew up in the UK and moved to Israel 30 years ago.
Mori’s poetry appears in various publications including Unbroken; Crack the Spine; Vine Leaves coffee table book; Between the Lines Anthology of Fairy Tales and Folklore Revisited. She won 3rd prize in Molotov Cocktail’s 2017 Shadow Award. Her flash appears in Akashic Books web series Thursdaze; Arc-24.

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