The Rose


The Rose


I am the rose

that grew from concrete

No soft, plush ground

surrounds case

I fall, withered to die

So I stand

trying to keep my silken petals

from being...smashed


I am the rose

still growing in concrete

Maybe someone will take

a moment and hear me out myself

before the footsteps

of others...drown me out

Here...I entreat you


a heart measured

into a deeper heal



I am the rose

hoping for concrete

friends to lend me

their ear...that I may dare

safely whisper... don't be afraid

Though I have AIDS

there is so much more

stemming from my heart's depth

I arise, proudly

beautifully in bloom

the tendered rose.
Lailah Saafir
Lailah Saafir has lent her voice here before and we are grateful for her life-affirming words. Her first volume of poetry "Full Mood" has been released by Soma Publishing.


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