A Space for Your Moments

A Space for Your Moments

I would like to gift you a space,
a room without tile or board

or screen, but with corners
where moments dangle. Do

not needlessly paint its warn
walls in gold. Your name is laced

through these moments, may they
swell in your basket. May they

fill your room with ice or
storm or sand or whatever

matter lies in their pieces.
Here is an angle of light. I

will sit here while you lift each
one and inspect their sharp and

beautiful edges. I will sit here
and we will let them all breathe.


Claudine Nash


Claudine Nash is a psychologist and award-winning poet whose collections include The Wild Essential (Kelsay Books, 2017), Parts per Trillion (Aldrich Press, 2016) and the chapbook The Problem with Loving Ghosts  (Finishing Line Press, 2014).  Her work has received Pushcart Prize nominations and has appeared in a wide range of magazines and anthologies including Asimov’s Science Fiction, BlazeVOX, Cloudbank, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, and Dime Show Review. Website: www.claudinenashpoetry.com.


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