The Value of Shadows

The Value of Shadows


The remains of the night’s rain lay soggy upon

the waterlogged branches of limp, bowed trees,

appearing as the hunched, angled, stooped

backs of many old men walking here.


I caught a shape in the mist that

reminded me of you, or

perhaps I was just imagining

you and your soldiers returning

to the spot you had fought so hard to hold.


As the sun peeked through,

I remembered these were only trees,

although I gratefully recall it was here,

sixty years ago,

that your battalion won the day.
Linda Imbler

Linda Imbler is the author of the published poetry collections “Big Questions, Little Sleep,” “Lost and Found,” and “The Sea’s Secret Song.” She is a Kansas-based Pushcart Prize Nominee. Her work has been published in numerous national and international journals. Linda’s creative process and a listing of publications can be found at You can find her latest book "The Sea's Secret Song (Consonance or Dissonance)" at Soma Publishing.

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