He is No God to Me

He is No God to Me


There he stands

Pointing his finger

At me and my country

They say he is our lawgiver

But he is no Lycurgus to me

Justice he said he sought

Instead he got his vengeance

They say he was a messiah

He did away with priest

Then why he butchered my rights

At the alter of equality

He may be your savior

But pearly gates were closed for me

Yes the oppression is wrong

Yes the untouchability is wrong

But tell me this my friend

How do I share this guilt?

Like those he reviled

He made me less

by virtue of my birth

For deeds of past

My home was bereft of future

Yet I don’t hate him

My questions are not to detest

But to those who fall at his idol.

He is no god to me.


Siddharth Sehgal

Siddharth Sehgal is a writer, poet and editor in chief of Indian Periodical. http://indianperiodical.com

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