Stolen moments scattered like dew drops, upon the onyx window pane.


For a distant star, an opal of comfort

The gale beckoned by a melancholy mirage

Bemuse me not with your pitiful glance, for I know not how to play your game.

Gasping for you, a breath is stolen.  Sacrifice like shrapnel to the soul.  I fear not you, but me.

Caged in pride we walk, in a sublime somnolence,

Side by side, resplendently, you disappear. The edge is forsaken.

Trapped in this tunnel, darkness bares down, white light blinding a transfixed terrain.

In a dark dungeon, we yearn to see clearly, for in dusk lays the truth, the reality poignant

 Piercing without twilight, a dense pathway blanks our suffocation.

Haze hums for a sublime mist, so no one shall see.

A torrential scintilla taunts her to remain blind. The beast of blindness is the hero.

Bones unbroken are majestically mounted on the horse’s back. Bore of malice, hallowing howls

Hover.  Jealousy afloat as dalliance dances.  The essence creeps untoward a mystical machine.

Hardened by floating clouds, rain jolts her.  Into the seraglio the amaryllis unhidden.

Renu Persaud

Renu Persaud is a Canadian lecturing professor and writer.  Her most recent book “The Mastery of You” showcases in non-fiction writing with poetic flair and has been nominated for RBC Taylor Prize and a Governor General's Award. This is her second work published with Ariel Chart.

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