Uma Mulhere Sem Ternura

Uma Mulhere Sem Ternura

Through tired eyes
Coated in frosted spider webs,
Weaved from false beliefs
Draped loosely upon my embattled mind
Distorting wrong from right,
I can vaguely see you.
But you do not look back.
You have chosen to hide me from view.
I can touch you, hope my fingertips
Soften you a little,
But there are no feelings as such.
I can even talk to you, except
Words freeze and hang like lead balloons
Only to fall upon deaf ears.
Taste you - that is more tricky,
The moment was so fleeting
And as I recall,
The world just started spinning...
I must remember the woman and not see the statue,
But still ...
And smell?
Well it lingers
And is probably the only thing
That makes us real.
Why don't you trust
In your sixth sense
And (.........)
Allow yourself to show me
How you feel?

Gerry Aldridge


Gerry Aldridge is from Newbury, Berkshire, England and lives in the foothills of a national park in Portugal, where he divides his days between doing sculpture, writing poetry and pet sitting. He is inspired by life and the human psyche, which he explores through his poetry and artwork combined

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