If Found

If Found

If found, please scribble a short note to the writer of this

fine leather journal. She would appreciate anyone returning

this book which painfully details when her last love left.

If found, please consider calling, the cell number is on the

last page where a monthly breakdown of her earnings is

tallied up incorrectly because she failed basic math.

If found, please Tweet! The contact for this is directly

under the cell number. She would welcome a few winged

words asking where and when to meet.

If found, please compose a humble request where and when

we might sit outside near a creek that takes its time

to find a river. Please consider this a more than

just a chance “get together.”

If found, please suggest a time when both parties

might like black tea. It’s no trouble to brew a

pot and offer a cup to the kind person who took a

few minutes to return this fine leather journal.

If found, call, write, tweet, bark, meow, shout,

whisper, holler, but please, do not bite.

Susan Sanders

My poems have appeared in Flying Horse, Soapbox, The Vermont Literary Review,

Common Ground Review, The Lucid Stone, Moon Rising, Falling Star Magazine and

several others. Susan Sanders teaches writing classes in addition to writing poetry and fiction.

She lives 5 miles from the Canadian border and seeks inspiration from reading and walking

near rivers. Her book Behind These Hills (co-authored post-posthumously)

with her daughter Jessica Sicely is available on amazon. com.

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