My Mother, My Brother

My Mother, My Brother 

As we walked toward

our Cape cottage

my mother drew

 me to the side yard

she bent to touch,

to name each herb

thyme, chives,


then she paused--

her faintest touch on the sea foam,

an airy fluff of herb-- pale and green

foaming at the edge of the garden,

suds of broken waves

then I knew the family summerhouse

belonged to my mother and my brother

together they had bought it

I felt afraid and stayed afraid

Mary Shay McGuire

Mary Shay McGuire was introduced to poetry in grammar school when she was given book of poetry. Poetry has been with her since then and the gift was the impetus for her beginning to write poetry. She graduated from Newton College of the Sacred Heart—now part of Boston College-- and then studied painting in Paris. Later she graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with an MFA in Writing Poetry. She has published poems in Eclectica, Vita Brevis, Literary Heist, Literary Yard and other venues and has won the Hackney Prize for Poetry and the New Millennium Prize.

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