Cards We Are Handed

Cards We Are Handed 

She looks at the brown plain ceiling

With her chestnut brown eyes

Thinking about the healing process

To this unknown girl

The healing process could take

Minutes, days or years

She had been healing for 25 years

Trying to heal from the physical pain

From her mother

She remembers her mother locking her

In her room

With her staring at her plain white walls

Those grotesque words

From her brother and friend

She took out her black and white notebook

Started to draw an elegant flower

That reminded her of the people

That healed her

Her doctor and her therapist

Become inunison

Therapist helps heal her back to a

Healthy emotional state

The doctor heals her back

To a healthy, medical state


Heals her back spiritually

The women closes her precious eyes

And thunks of these memories

That she fights to forget

How her brother

Would slap her

With his massive strong hand

She thinks of her mother

Her brother

And friend

She took out her black marker

And started drawing a K

Massive swirls

Around the flower

Imagining her mother’s enormous

Curly dead black hair

With her pierced black square eyebrows

Her blood red lipstick

She took out her red sharpie

Drew little devil horns

Around the swirls

She thought of the cunning, slick smile

Her brother had

Her sinister smile

As they were

Always alike

He had her same night sky black hair

But thin eyebrows

Instead of square

He wears his favorite fire – hydrant red t- shirt

She doodled a petit house around

The devil horns

With a blue sharpie

Her friend, who adored to criticize

Her sexuality and religious beliefs

She had the most


Awful frizzy hair

That reminded her of Mars

With eyes as icebergs

Whenever she thought of these three people

She had nightmares of how

Gruesome these people were

The healing process takes time

People tend to use different methods

Her therapist tries to accept

Her sexuality and religious beliefs

Doctor gives her certain types of medication

That helps her not get bad again

She drops her pen

Looks through the radiant sun glowing

Through her clear glass


She walks outside appreciating


Creating nature

Kelsey Kessler

Kelsey Kessler is a current sophomore at Drew University and is studying psychology, creative writing and theatre arts. She enjoys writing poetry about fiction and also enjoys writing poetry about stories she creates. When not studying she has her own radio shows called different topics where she talks about different movies, music, and broadway shows. 

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