Quiet, Quiet

No walking around during the day

And one at a time tip – toe during the night

If the privedged men hear us we are beyond screwed

Or if someone tells the violent men

Hell is truly upon us

I share a wooden desk with the dentist

Pictures of old and new celebrities

Hung around the quiet room

I want the desk!

I want the desk!

My sister shares a dusty old room with our parents

The angelic boy lives in a petite room

With a bicycle hanging on the wall

To himself

Every morning my father reads his disgusting book on the uncomftable red couch

While I sit next to him and write in my dusty chestnut journal

The luring boy sits on the ground and does an intense crossword puzzle

While my sister folds her bony pale hands

And prays to


One year quietly goes by

We are lucky that we are safe

Two years go by

We tense up every time we hear a knock on the door

I ask my sister

If we will ever be treated equally

She had no answer

Will my sister be able to go back to university

Will I be able to go back to the cinemas

Will I be able to go to school with people who are not a minority

Today I imagined what it would be like marrying the charming boy

After the war could the delightful boy take me to the cinemas

He held my hand today and made my heart feel giddy and warm

I hope to write a book about the attractive boy after we are free

Dear Kitty,

Mom, Dad, Margot

Mr. and Mrs. Van Pels, Mr. Pfeffer

Peter, Me

How many of us will be left after the war

-          One

Kelsey Kessler


Kelsey Kessler is a current sophomore at Drew University and is studying psychology, creative writing and theatre arts. She enjoys writing poetry about fiction and also enjoys writing poetry about stories she creates. When not studying she has her own radio shows called different topics where she talks about different movies, music, and broadway shows. 

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