I stay in Amsterdam, in his particular city

He stays in Brussels, in that particular city

He works in the art trade industry

While I work in a shitty industrie

When being unemployed

He wants me to be employed

He begs, begs, begs me

To study art

But I do not desire the love, I guarantee

Decides to work in the ministry industry

Found a decrease in work once again

He continues to be successful in the art trade industrie

After spending time away from work

I begin to sculpt, draw, paint

Starting to design different artwork

I never say another complaint

Museums, Apartment, city of love

Him and I live together

Selfish, unfeeling, unloved

Marvelous, gifted, gentle, you are happy wherever

Au Revior, I am off to a new airspace

I shall think of you

Enjoy the city of love, this beautiful place

Brother, I love you as I know you do

Day in and day out

Sketch, draw and paint

Me doing my artwork becomes my hideout

I live in a feeling of unconstraint

The sadness day in and day out

Unsettles me in the aberration that is in my abouts  

Sickness in all of my body

You are always on my mind when I am sick, ecpecially this afternoon

Pains me to see you like this, I hope you are here with somebody

Get well soon

I visit him and the child

Back to the same thing everyday

Drawing, painting, sketching artwork of the child

Mind feels peaceful all day

You left mark on this world

-          Letters


Kelsey Kessler

Kelsey Kessler is a current sophomore at Drew University and is studying psychology, creative writing and theatre arts. She enjoys writing poetry about fiction and also enjoys writing poetry about stories she creates. When not studying she has her own radio shows called different topics where she talks about different movies, music, and broadway shows. 

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