My Alluring Paradise

My Alluring Paradise

My mind marvels as observing the muse I plan to annihilate

Exiting her eccentric establishment, she stumbles upon me

Exiting her gaze, I escape across an expensive garden

Delusions decrease as she increases her footsteps

Denier, Gold, Bronze, Silver I may use

Detesting the muse’s face, I loathe on every inch of my being

Usually the muse would murder me out of her own joy

Unfazed by her presence, the petite courage in my body comes before me

Unfroze, as the ones next to me shall not relate

Unmoved behind the frozen, I shiver in my breath as my heart rate increases

Suddenly, as the decreases in the frozen my singular heart being to break

Simply, she scattered over, my sedentary body shakes quite still

Sensually, as she struts towards me being, motivation to seduce me is unnoticed

Snakes appear around my being, swings flood in my mind

Almost out of time, my being about to be annihilated

About time, this shall be my paradise

Although, I doubt myself with my decision

And I know deep within my being it is the right one

Anyways, it shall not matter as the love of my life shall love me because of this

And it was done, over, complete, demolished, assassinated

Kelsey Kessler

Kelsey Kessler is a current sophomore at Drew University and is studying psychology, creative writing and theatre arts. She enjoys writing poetry about fiction and also enjoys writing poetry about stories she creates. When not studying she has her own radio shows called different topics where she talks about different movies, music, and broadway shows. 

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