Fill My Lens

Fill My Lens

My mother's photos show us standing stiffly beside 

this or that. My little daughter stood to attention 

next to something.  Her cowlick licked into submission.

I never posed her or confined her, my daughter

is a free spirit to fill my lens, her hair adrift

in waves and the wind. Brimming

with life and joy, pondering, taking it all in.

Her early years are never far from my eye.

Take the photo. Take it now.

Chrissie Morris Brady

Chrissie Morris Brady lives on the South Coast of England with her daughter. She is much travelled and has worked in several countries, sometimes as a cook. She gained her degrees in Psychology at USC, and worked with recovering addicts in Southern California for several years. She has been published by Anti-Heroin Chic, Ariel Chart, Hedge Hog Press, DeadSnakes, WISHpoetry, Bournemouth Borough Council, Scarlet Leaf Review and other publications.


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