Growing Pains

 Growing Pains

Your giggle: fun, endearing, light

now dropped in pitch and mellow

the way you ran to everywhere

(walking was too tedious)

now meandering, drifting easily and sleek.

My distant memories

bring dreamy longing;

Gone your childhood

Gone our bond

Gone your wispy delight

replaced by smooth distance

open hostility — to rage

when I “interfere”.

Gone my little boy.

The tragedy of life

moves in every home

not peculiar nor provocative

just sad

And I am suspended

‘tween longing and respect

from what is gone to what’s to come

I sigh, defenseless and powerless

I hold my breath —

and hope

for connection.

Sarah Tun

Sarah Tun writes because it's the best way to stay sane, keeping ideas flowing and cobwebs away. First published at age 7, Sarah wrote two stories when sent out of the classroom for being naughty; the principal liked them so much she posted them in the office window. Sarah has written copious poems and novels, self-publishing one, "Confronting the Darkness", a sci fi fantasy especially for young people. Short stories have appeared in Polar Expressions and Dime Show Review, poetry at Pangolin Review, Soft Cartel and Ariel Chart. She's also published several non-fiction books. Originally from Canada, she is a world traveller, has lived in 5 countries, and resides now in England. Further information can be found at 

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