Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

I watch you from afar, meet your gaze

Mentally scribble a quick prayer 

Not to drown. Heart pounding!

Life includes shadows and deserts 

You need to cross!

I catch a glimpse of you

and my heart explodes 

In a myriad of scarlet sensations. 

I try to fade my smile

In my inner self, something must die.

Fragile and yet bold beauty!

You'll never belong to me.

Sandrine Plantec

(Translated from French by Sandrine Plantec)

Sandrine spent her childhood and early adulthood in Bordeaux, France, not far from the Atlantic Ocean, a region which undoubtedly shaped her with its huge swathes of silent pine forests contrasting with the ocean's strength. She graduated 30 years ago from university as an English teacher with a taste for literature and linguistics. She lives happily in Tours with her husband and their three children. Writing poetry is one of her passions.

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