A Mirage of Eliz

A Mirage of Eliz

Why did you Eliz show up in my dream tonight?

We came across each other in front of a huge old house

At dusk, in the light of a lamp on the street

Walking and smiling

With open arms to embrace me

You had worn a green, pale sweater

Your smile was bright

Coming to me like a light breeze

My heart was pounding faster and faster

Approaching nearer, endless anxiety

But in the end you did not meet me

Just diverted your walk to nowhere

Why did you wake me up, what's happening?

Is anything worrying you or has anyone died?

Has your mother or any of your beloved passed away?

The last time you wrote me you said your grandmother passed away

But ten years have passed, maybe more

The water that flowed in the stream now has become a river

Or you will die in my memories,

Or you will burn me with your ember love

To turn me into black coal

Are you beautiful as once? Did you become an unknown woman?

Did I become someone you do not know?

Did I remain hostage to your love?

Are you a vision, an obsessed idea I cannot get rid of?

Are you the muse of my sorrow?

Are you the longing of non-returning youth?

Are you the illusion I still live in?

Are you longing that is destroying me?

Do you dream emerging one night only?

And then lose in the endless darkness?

O what is this breeze blowing Elysian Fields?

Why cannot I feel all these girls

Who smile and talk to me, why I do not feel that light

Entering my soul and blind my eyes?

You brought in me a sweet spring breeze

Lasting as much as a mirage of Eliz....

Granit Zela

Granit Zela is a contemporary Albanian poet, short story writer, novelist, essayist and translator. Born in 1979 in Kukes, northeast of Albania, he was graduated from British and American Studies and Albanian Literature in Tirana. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in Literature on the poetics of the American postmodernist writer Donald Barthelme. Zela has published poetry volumes “Apocalypse” (2000), “In my Hermetic Studio” and “Altar Word” (2011). His first poetry volume was awarded “The First Song” prize by the League of Albanian Writers. Other books include the short stories: “Willing deaths” (2002), novel “Dodona” (2006) essay volumes: “Letters of Darkness” (2011) and “Sigh on banality” (2009). He is translator into Albanian of William Faulkner’s novels “Light in August” and “As I Lay Dying”. Zela is currently Assistant Professor of English in Department of Liberal Arts, American University of Middle East, Kuwait City, Kuwait.

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