Longing Nights

Longing Nights

in a crowded bar, hard rock blaring and the beers are drained

faster than the brunette barmaid can pour’em.

it’s almost alright, I just need some good old blues,

maybe Hank’s and George’s sad songs and some good bourbon

to get me through the night; some tequila to bring forth

the desire to murder the blue moon.

down another beer and shot of Jack go—just crank some Hank up,

I wish to yell at the white-haired DJ. too rock for country,

the rest are tapping their feet, swaying their heads,

whispering along the lyrics.

more Jack and I’m reminded of her pleas:

come to bed sober, for one motherfucking night

and it was the only time she ever swore.

I bring the worst out of even the best; foolishly,

I let her go. had no strength to fight.

more beer and in the foam I might see her sleeping

her life away, next to someone that offers her the peace and quiet

I’d never provide.

she sometimes liked the madness; till it got too much.

she tolerated the vices; till I came close to the grand finale.

I’m still around, different country yet easy to find;

the long-haired man hiding his bald spot under a bun,

swilling green beer and Jack on every bar stool

of this city.

I might be elsewhere come next year

—or even six feet under if I’m lucky—

but right now I’m here; thinking of those lovely nights

under the stars. before it all got too much. when we

still believed in forever.

I trade Jack for Jose and forever just got a little shorter.

George Gad Economou

George Gad Economou holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Science and resides in Athens, Greece, where he freelances his way to a new place. His work has been published in Spillwords and Jumbelbook and his novella, Letters to S., was published in Storylandia #30.

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