Any Which Way

Any Which Way 

You are as hard to catch as the summer breeze,

At the noon of day,

Glimpses of relief

Only enough to tease and make me wait.

Anxiety forms beads of sweat on my face,

In a line like the times –


The prettier ones I waited.

I told you I loved you.

And you looked back smiling like the wind.


Titling me like the last leaf on a tree


The Fall.

I finally let go.

To your subservience and pleasure,

Rustling the trees,

Insisting you wanted to stay

But had to play and sweep like good news

Nibbles of relief.


Me Please.

My fan dusting hot air

Imitations of you.

Compare. Compare. Compare.

And I knew you'd come back.

When I had given you up.

And sought peace.

Because you are the wind


Yet persistent, unexpected.


And free.

Breezing through my hair –

At the point of unbearable heat.

Loosening tight wound ringlet locks.

Clipped especially for you.

Blustering and breezing and swaying everywhere.

I have forgotten for the moment

The heat,

The anxiety of waiting

And for you.

Does time exist?

A humbling breeze pulls me in four directions.

I am here. I am one.

Lost in your tornado.

Adventurously driving through


Then you leave.

I existed.

I know I will never feel all of you.

Know all of you.

Because you are the wind

And I –

I am lost to the wind.




The wind blows.

Lorraine Driscoll

Lorraine Driscoll lives in Eastern Ontario with her husband and her 11-year-old daughter. She writes poetry, historical fiction and also maintains a website where she regularly writes about healing children's neurodevelopmental disorders through holistic approaches. Lorraine's articles have appeared in various columns and newspapers in Eastern Ontario. She is actively involved with environmental efforts to protect endangered species, prevent deforestation and reduce environmental toxicity.

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