The Yoke of Daisy

The Yoke of Daisy

Big open field of daisies in the

Wind like Bob Dylan's answer.

The delicate, sanctifying breeze rustling their petals,

Whispering secrets

And rumours,


Possible tragedies.

In the heart of a desperate lover,

Pulled in a hundred directions.

Doubt, and hope in the same thought.

Tarot cards, tea leaves, oracles and crystal balls

Unspecific, cliché, unwillingly magical.

But daisies' prophecies never lie

No magic. Yes or no - straightforward

Sometimes painfully

Their petals cry as they are yanked

From their yoke and trembling fingers

Left with the future

In a stem In their hands –

Closure - an answer easier

To accept when it is grown,

In the Earth.

It's yellow - yoke of the sun.

It's simplicity shining

In time


Even the petal

Of the yoke

That said, 'no'

Will compost into the heart of

The earth and will renew

A daisy.

Lorraine Driscoll

Lorraine Driscoll lives in Eastern Ontario with her husband and her 11-year-old daughter. She writes poetry, historical fiction and also maintains a website where she regularly writes about healing children's neurodevelopmental disorders through holistic approaches. Lorraine's articles have appeared in various columns and newspapers in Eastern Ontario. She is actively involved with environmental efforts to protect endangered species, prevent deforestation and reduce environmental toxicity.

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