Mors Amoris

Mors Amoris 

I ease myself along the edge. 

Sound falls off into the darkness, 

every touch turns into an echo.

Intimacy falters and sways, 

a broken currency for every word you say. 

I keep wading through the thickness 

of my ribs. 

I keep slipping into my heart. 

The cage has been locked, 

the key discarded somewhere between 

"I do and I don't".

We construct false humor better than most. 

The truth simmers just below the surface. 

We argue about gravity.

Bicker about velocity. 

Bargain with perspective.

We have become strangers again.

The infancy of every dead relationship.

Sarah Hardin

Sarah Hardin is a novelist and poet from the Southern United States. She earned her B.A. in English at Rice University, she has been featured in Pif, Shampoo, Dog-Ear, Scribo, little bits and Ariel Chart.  She is also the author of ‘Frayed Noose’ her second novel is still in the works.


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