Mine are bigger now. Not 

the little out-of-date ones

that used to fit on tiny feet, now 

bronzed and sitting on my son's 

mantel. I've been wearing the same 

pair of shoes for many days 

now. They are getting worn

and old from wear and tear. 

They've lost their shock 

absorption, cushioning 

and stability over time. 

My oncologist says they 

are causing stress 

throughout my entire body.

The midsole's cushion and stability 

broke down before the bottoms 

showed any sign at all 

of wear and tear. 

It's getting harder

and harder to walk

in them. I miss my 

tiny green shoes.

Gil Hoy

Gil Hoy is a Boston poet, semi-retired trial lawyer and politician, who served as a Brookline, Massachusetts Selectman for four terms. Hoy’s poetry has appeared most recently in Tipton Poetry Journal, Chiron Review, Ariel Chart, The Potomac, The Penmen Review, The New Verse News, Right Hand Pointing  and elsewhere.

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