Galloping to Her Destiny


Galloping to Her Destiny

Hair streaming out behind

she holds onto the runaway horse.

Will she stay mounted

reach her destination

feel the golden glow

of getting there?

Or will she fall off

be left by the side of the track

or be carried elsewhere

by the whim of another?

A young woman on her life’s mission

she grits her teeth

tightens her hands on the reins

glories in the wind in her hair.

No runaway horse is going to come

between her and her destiny.

Meryl Brown Tobin

An Australian writer, Meryl Brown Tobin is a former secondary teacher of Humanities subjects and writes short and long fiction for adults and children, non-fiction, especially travel, poetry and educational puzzles. She has had 18 books published and had hundreds of poems, puzzles, short stories and articles, cartoons and comic strips published in more than 150 magazines, including Ariel Chart, and newspapers in Australia and internationally.  See


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