Chip from the Mosaic of the Day

Chip from the Mosaic of the Day

Dust beaten from a moth’s wing

The tinker of the cat’s bell on her bowl

A loose hair floating on the eye’s lake

The awakening stir of freeze-dried coffee

The grunt and growl of traffic in the road

The calm of an empty house that needs cleaning

The tick of a clock off by four minutes

A sigh breathed as morning—

Moves into afternoon

Harris Coverley

Harris Coverley is a Rhysling-nominated poet, with verse most recently accepted for Star*Line, Spectral Realms, New Reader Magazine, Abandoned Library Press, Clover & White, and The Oddville Press, amongst others. He lives in Manchester, England.


  1. What a treat to behold. Well-written and worldly.

  2. Respect the word placement. Good art in a publication I am earmarking for future reading.

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