Beautiful oddities

Like the protruded mole on her smoothening neck,

Or the patch of grey on a white cat’s face;

The hue of evening embracing the lake,

Or the one who comes third in the race.

Beautiful oddities

Like the day-end’s dirt on the edge of her nails,

Or the crumbled sides mothering a book;

The water squirting out of the whales,

Or the queue of red ants nearing a brook.

Beautiful oddities

Like the yellow tinge on a whitewashed wall,

Or the shadows of leaves on a parched summer noon;

The beeping notes of a hopeful call,

Or the dark possibilities marked on the moon.

Beautiful oddities

Like the awkward glances on a first date,

Or the way two ‘V’s make a complete ‘W’;

The glinting tears of the lovers who wait,

Or the uneven peaks of the marvellous view.

Beautiful oddities

Like the attractive colours of the popping pills,

Or two ones betraying a two to form eleven;

The pack of cigarettes flashing ‘SMOKING KILLS’,

Or how Poe is heard in the call of the raven.

Beautiful oddities

Like the wetting curls refusing to fall straight,

Or the count of the seeds in a moist watermelon;

The way in which fishes mate,

Or the friend found in the eyes of a demon.

Beautiful oddities

Like the repetitive unevenness forming a pattern,

Or how colours and feelings meet in the name ‘blue’;

The rings taming the giant called Saturn,

Or how old is treasured amidst the craze for new.

Beautiful, beautiful oddities!

Is it always two halves making a whole?

Or don’t the pieces of a childhood puzzle play the same role?


Saheli Ghosh

Saheli Ghosh from Kolkata (India, West Bengal), have completed my Masters in English (2016-18) from the University of Calcutta. I have worked as a Contractual Teacher at B. D. Memorial, Kolkata and as an English Language Teacher at the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, Kolkata. Currently, I am working as an English Language Teacher at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata. I am also pursuing B. ED. (English Method) from Loreto College, Kolkata. Ariel Chart is her first literary publication.


  1. Beautiful words help heal a hurting planet. I feel better after reading your poem.

  2. You have captured a number of the little things, beautiful things, that make life worth while. Enjoyable read, and a wonderful reminder that there is still beauty in this world worth taking the time to appreciate.

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