Field of Gold

Field of Gold 

You say my brows talk more

Than ever did my tongue.

I thrive on your gaze at them-

Calculating their words with still lashes,

Thinking of correcting the measurement

Of silences,

With surrounding arms

Looking at my mother:

Having less on her plate than mine

As always.

The bird in my head can’t help but bother

Having to fly back to oblivion

In one of these days.

You say they have had their moments

When rather too young.

I walk around the streets of mayhem-

Searching for their legends – now in ashes,

Grappling the tightly held hands

Of promises,

Never fearing the alarms!

Unwilling to touch the kaleidoscope:

Having stayed away from spirited hues

As always.

The chess board in my ribs can’t help but hope

Having to let the Self have its win

In a million ways.

You say my curls in a regular bun

Are never loosely hung.

I know that they’re mine to tame-

Waking up to whimsical wishes,

Inhaling the dreams and freedom

Of open tresses,

Against everyday solitary charms.

Watching a moment leaving another:

Having survived in a parasitic world

As always.

The beloved in my heart can’t help but wonder

Having to share my volcanic burn

In a spectrum of rays.

You say, you say, you do!

While I peddle fast in a cycle renewed,

Faster than the coffee brewed,

In a field of golden wheat-

Where my brows meet,

Like your arms on my waist do.


Saheli Ghosh

Saheli Ghosh from Kolkata (India, West Bengal), have completed my Masters in English (2016-18) from the University of Calcutta. I have worked as a Contractual Teacher at B. D. Memorial, Kolkata and as an English Language Teacher at the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, Kolkata. Currently, I am working as an English Language Teacher at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata. I am also pursuing B. ED. (English Method) from Loreto College, Kolkata. Ariel Chart is her first literary publication.


  1. The poem is pretty and passionate. I can see myself in it.

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