Charred Dreams

Charred Dreams

Have you smelt your charred dream?

Developing steam,

Like that of boiling tea

In a lost winter spree.

Have you followed its whispers?

Counting numbers,

For your childhood lover

When the hide-n’-seek was nearly over.

Have you felt its nudge?

Shaking your urge,

To run far away

From the corpse of your Mother at the bay.

Well, here we survive.

Toiling amidst desks of nine-to-five.

With a hope



That seems clustered like a beehive.

And, here we go.

Penning down petty thoughts in a row.

With a heart



In stories of grief and woe.

So, here we rest.

Failing to take the long-pending test.

With a voice



Throughout the perturbed nest.

Yes, here we breathe.

But do we live?

With the smell of the ashes

That the charred dreams give.

Saheli Ghosh

Saheli Ghosh from Kolkata (India, West Bengal), have completed my Masters in English (2016-18) from the University of Calcutta. I have worked as a Contractual Teacher at B. D. Memorial, Kolkata and as an English Language Teacher at the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, Kolkata. Currently, I am working as an English Language Teacher at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata. I am also pursuing B. ED. (English Method) from Loreto College, Kolkata. Ariel Chart is her first literary publication.


  1. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes you must take charred dreams and turn them into something magical. Success is not destiny. Success is a choice.

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