I Am a Brown Girl

I Am a Brown Girl

You shall never know

about a life under vigilance, 

bereft of any thrill

stuffed with cascades of compliance, 

vaselined lips sealed

under the authority of conservativeness, 

the cocoons of curiosity

butchered by the parents

through their dim responses. 

The gazes of towering men 

often slices my hijab

as I clasp my cleavage

under a blanket of cloaks. 

I anticipated an escape

re-etching my flight 

in the dead-quiet of the night 

I was jolted by a withdrawal. 

I feel like an unappeased spirit 

searching for myself 

in fictional characters and

catalogues of magazines.

Maybe in another life

I will be reborn as the girl wearing lipstick 

brazenly sporting in half-naked tunics, 

unaware of their downplay, 

the column of insecurities 

concealed in their burgundy purse

and the litany of condolences 

as souvenirs of their ex-boyfriends 

they carry as scars. 

Not everything can be as easy as a nursery verse

it’s complex to unfurl the secrets of this collateral universe. 

Anindita Sarkar

Anindita Sarkar is a Research Scholar from Jadavpur University India. She resides in Kolkata. Her poems have recently appeared in Indolent Books, Snakeskin Poetry, Scars Publication. 


  1. The relevant poem for these troubled days in America. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Two lines really stuck out to me. Those in reference to an apparition and the search for one's self. Those lines truly captured an essence of loneliness, misunderstanding, and perhaps feeling outside one's self. If not, utterly lost, always wanting something more, but never ever really to truly obtain it. Well penned.

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