I stare into the depthless night,

at the star-stippling vastness, at the

universe hurtling beyond earthly sight,

an endless void ever expanding,

and though knowing myself to be

insignificant in the night

my heart fills with pride swelling

at the infinity of the mind’s might,

and yet, and yet,

a still shadow of doubt whispers,

where is

                               the wisdom?

Anthony Wade

Anthony Wade is a graduate lawyer with a Masters Degree, an Irish national educated in England who also worked in The Netherlands. He has published poems in Ariel Chart, Boyne Berries, Scrittura Magazine, MonthsToYears, Lakeview Literary Magazine, Strands Lit Sphere and The Dawntreader. He received a Highly Commended in the Francis Ledwidge Poetry Award 2018.  An active member of the Midleton WritersGroup he now lives by the sea in East Cork.


  1. The art really helps compliment the cosmic direction of the poem. I am fond of this shade of poetic muse.

  2. Your use of space and the mind conveyed well both mankind's endless possibilities as well as limitations. The narrowness or broadness of our thoughts and perceptions can promote growth and understanding, or be our own destruction. Well penned.

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