Middle Archaic Spear Point

Middle Archaic Spear Point

As for what you look like
now that distance and the years
can calculate the damage...

I fell in love with the man who wrote the poetry
I see him by the ocean in the moonlight
and at his family's graves
I see him in the high pasture of his home
wading in the creek
Fragrance of his mother's roses
in his father's laughter

As his brother sleeps-in
– forever

I see you drinking coffee
little Bobo, on your lap
stars reflect
in his limpid, darling eyes

I see you, sullen one
whom I would have followed
just to know you...
in some foreign forest
so far south of my accent
lost in time and purpose there in Georgia
and what were you thinking
while waiting for your son?

And what else?
Only God could know the rest....I see you in the moon that pulls the tides
across the ages
till our eyes meet in your words – a piercing

so unexpected

Elizabeth Balise

Liz Balise is a long-time resident of Scranton, Pennsylvania who grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts. Most of her working life has been devoted to human services and to teaching English in public schools. Poetry entered her life as a teenager, but real love for it was fostered by her relationship with her Marywood College mentor, Barbara Hoffman. A solitary writer when not in front of a classroom, she filled journals and canvas bags with scraps of life, thinking always, “They must mean something?” Poems, short stories, and articles have appeared in ergo magazine of the old Prufrock’s Cafe in Scranton. Online work has been published in SWITCH 2017 and also in Mothers Aways Write, October 2019. She was a featured poet for the United States and Canada in The Blue Nib, September 2019.


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