The walls are crumbling- the desks are empty - our schools are being abandoned- be it covid?

I think not

We live in a virtual world- where everything is done at home -

The children sit hour after hour sit in front of a computer screen

Starving for human interaction

The world is changing

The workforce is changing

People are trying to merge towards even a cashless society.

History is being erased-

Dictionary’s re-written

What happens if the mighty WiFi fails ?

Monuments are being torn down

Schools are being abandoned

Protesters are flooding the streets

Hate groups are burning buildings and looting

Discipline is only verbal

Young children aren’t understanding the difference between reality and television

Masks are covering the faces of millions- and yet the hospitals are overflowing

with people who are not strong enough to recover

What is that the next generation is learning?

Be it hate?


Lack of discipline?


Dependency on government help?

How do we forge forth ?

How do we reclaim our world?

How do we get people to see that we are


What ever happened to liberty and justice for all?

Why won’t the world wake-up?

When police have become the target and not the people who protect and serve

Where does this leave us?

The economy is going to force many into homelessness

Is this what they meant when they said that it takes a community to raise a child?

Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer Wagner has been working with mentally and physically challenged adults and children and makes adult therapy dolls to help people suffering from infant loss, dementia, anxiety, depression and infertility. This is her first work published for Ariel Chart. https://www.facebook.com/Littlenuggetsnursey/


  1. A strong voice in these unsteady times. Lot of points to consider.

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