Words of Wisdom for Beijing


Words of Wisdom for Beijing



There cannot be two lions on one mountain,

There can’t be two swords in same sheath.

Powerful neighbours cane never be neighbours,

At least our neighbours reason that way.


The children of Mao,

dream of sleeping in peace,

by drawing spears against us.


Let it be known to the fool in Beijing,

that there are costs of life and limb,

by having an angry tiger,

at the doors of Potala.



Siddharth Sehgal


Siddharth Sehgal is a poet, writer and editor in chief of Indian Periodical. His insightful work on all things mattering Indian graces the pages of the Periodical and here at Ariel Chart.


  1. Any war with China will be because of Chinese arrogance. Time for them to get their asses kicked. Go India.

  2. I like the poem and the sentiment but was under the impression Ariel Chart doesn't wade into politics.

    1. MAR -- Overtly we don't wade into politics much but in the complicated days currently one can get criticized for a covid poem because some feel that is "political" as well. The poem is well written and artful and that matters most to AC. Please don't confuse comments from readers as our official opinion on such situations because we only police them if they are profane or bigoted. Otherwise what readers say is what readers say. Thank you, Josh for your continued commentary and support.

  3. Glad to see Indian patriotism in full view but still a sense of diplomacy. Most favorable in morality and artistry.

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