Because "If you speak [sense] to a fool

he'll call you foolish," and

"Nothing has more strength

than dire necessity,"

please disregard the two Lions,

Leo Major and Minor,

the Twin Stars of Nemea,

that weren't visible yet/

for Euripedes to see.

Our mythologies both

older & newer than Greco-Roman,

our misdeeds out-numbering

all their numerous gods'.

Will we escape our reckonings, or will the Fates sing us

to our watery, firey, airy,

earthy, timely deaths?

How much longer can we/stop up our ears, stay tied

to our masts without starving

for Truth, Beauty, decency and food?

Both hot and cold winds kill,

both hot magmas and cold waters.

Air grows thick with Hemlocked poisons,

Earth is worn out from punctuations.

Paled by Covert Operations,

we withdraw from Waves,

praying to Science and Albert Einstein,

as we hide our entire Selves in the sand.

Susan Beverly


Susan Beverly is a poet and writer and her work has frequently been published by Ariel Chart


  1. such is the holidays to bring out our memories of those before, i really enjoyed this work and hope we see more to come.

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