Stuck Inside


Stuck Inside


I used to catch the wind

and sail with every moment I could hold,

but now I sit stale,

waiting for days to ignite.


The route to fulfilment remains blocked.

Coned off in an unbearable hold that

even daylight can no longer lighten.

Outside our window a heavy stillness hangs.


The minutes are climbing desperate hours

to empty words that lie ahead,

trapped within these walls of steel

we find the time to wait.



Julie Stevens


Julie Stevens writes poems reflecting the impact MS has on her life, as well as other topics close to her heart. Her poems have recently been published in Ariel Chart, Dodging the Rain, The Honest Ulsterman and Dreich. Her debut chapbook Quicksand was published by Dreich in September 2020. Website:, Twitter @julesjumping.


  1. i believe through the voice of art we can become "unstuck" inside and live a more fruitful life.

  2. A beautiful poem full of angst. Well done.

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