You Was Born Free


You Was Born Free


I waited between the cusp of a rock and a hard place.

I was a child, and a woman lost between spaces.

I was sixteen, and I said what I meant, but the world told me I was innocent... but I wasn't.

I was made of youth and dreams poisoned by the toxicity of a sick society who told me that saving the world was a pipe dream.


So basically, purity of consciousness was a disease of reasoning that created conflict while I facilitated healing.

My mother was calling me.

I was born clean.

I was created to bring divinity.


They told me the earth was crying, so I gave up my wings on a karmic chaotic spiritual swing.

I said, "I will come here to sing against the cacophony of oppressive screams."


I came here to sing.

We were always free.

“But chile, you got to sing!”

Sing like you got wings.

Sing above the screams!


“Sing like you was born free!” 

My ancestors cried to me,

“remember, chile, you was born free.

You is Godly.”


*Please note ---parts of the above creative work were written in the language of a less than educated slave during American historical period of slavery.


Alethea Jimison

Alethea Jimison is a poet and author from Texas. She enjoys writing stories and poetry that allude to the fantastic world of mysticism. Her work has appeared in the ScarsTV, Literary Yard, Poetry Nation, and Adelaide Magazine. You can find out more about Alethea’s work at


  1. in a complicated era I am glad you saw fit to venture ahead with this work. it is moving and memorable. the best aspects of a poem I should say.

    1. Hi Alice, thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the poem.

  2. i wish we lived in a time where the special note was not necessary but i understand and see how it would help some to realize this is a historical angle as much as an emotional or maybe cultural exposition. well done, writer.

    1. Sandi, thank you for your words. I also wish we lived in such a time. In this case, I had to add the disclosure because my sister read my poem and told me I had typos LOL! She always thinks that I have typos when I deliberately alter language for poetic flair. For example, I use "Eye" instead of "I" metaphorically. She is the first to advise me I have a typo. ;)

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