Heaven's Reunion


Heaven’s Reunion



On that day,

we will be bird like souls,

gliding across the night sky.

Spirits without a care in the world.

At last it will be time for our celestial reunion.

There will be music and laughter.

Magnificent colors will burn so bright.

The sun will radiate mystical energy.

We will feel the warm love surrounding us.

A peace and tranquility the likes of never before

will pass upon us.

Cool breezes will blow,

with a sudden rush of warm air.

We will live together again.


No more sorrow.

No more pain.

Imagination will become reality.

The miracle.

The wonder.

The brilliance of the moment.

Blue waves will wash over us

and heal.

No longer weary.

Refreshed and born anew.

Nothing suffered will ever matter again.

Life will be forgiven.

God will be real.

No more longing.

Love will light every cell.

God’s will.





 Robert Pegel


Robert Pegel is a father and husband who lost his only son four years ago.  Calvin was 16 and died in his sleep of unknown causes.  Robert turned to writing poetry in an effort to make sense of the unimaginable. He hopes his writing might serve as inspiration or help others process their loss and suffering.  Robert graduated from Columbia University where he majored in English. 


  1. beautiful but painful sentiment. it's universal tone lends a greater impact to the art.

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