Lavender Colored Dress




Lavender Colored Dress



    You keep me straight.


     I want to be with you when we are surrounded by others.


     You wore the monkey fur dress at the party so long ago

     on New Year’s day when I met you for the second time.

     I worked my way around the room until I found you.

     It wasn’t real monkey fur, of course.


     I have the picture of you, in your twenties, when you wore

     long auburn hair; you are in your lavender colored party

     dress and your head is tilted a little to the right and you are

     smiling at the photographer.  The picture was taken for another

     boy friend before I met you.


     It’s in a silver frame.


     I love you even when you are angry at me.


     “How are you?” we say to each other. “Are you all right?”, or,

     “Did you sleep well last night?”


     I can still make you laugh.


     How many friends have we known through the years?

     How many have gone out of our lives?


     Sometimes we talk to each other in remembered movie lines.


     We’re still here.  Together.



Joseph Buehler


Joseph Buehler has published poetry in Ariel Chart, The Poet Magazine, Bumble Jacket Miscellany, Mad Swirl, Turk's Head Review, The Tower Journal, The Write Room, Fredericksburg Literary Review and elsewhere.  He lives currently in Georgia w/ his wife Trish.


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