Reflections of Seasons



Reflections of Seasons





Finding ground in the sticky heat of summer

I hear the thud, its sound familiar

As ripened mangoes in shades of gold

 fall one after another

Loosened from the aging branches

of a once youthful tree no longer able to hold on

And I think ...perhaps

They are free







Adorn leaves of green

Outside the window

Where often ….she dreams

No need for rainbows

Amid the sage and thyme

For hers is a world

Colored in rhyme





Sunlight flickers

Yellow and gold

In the shadows

of memories

Her forgotten soul


Adrift upon gossamer wings

She now dances with butterflies

On the Autumn breeze




Silver diamonds

Mere reflections upon the sill

Thunder resounds

Yet, the world lies still


Raindrops fall from an ashen sky

And I want to be the silver diamonds

One with night

Illuminating an ebony sea

Luminescent ...and free

Lynn Long

Poet, writer, dreamer

And believer in the impossible…

Residing somewhere in time


Artist at


With published pieces in various

online publications, journals, ezines and anthologies


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  1. it's difficult to frame the seasons unless you are a deep person. fine work.

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