Good People Die Too Soon


Good People Die Too Soon

Fighting an unseen war

in the one second between life and death,

"Jesus don't let go", "hold me tightly"-

two sentences that dance sorrowfully on dying lips;

for death comes like a thief,

snatching one's purse from the Almighty.

it was an unfortunate Monday that met my feet;

I stepped into a mansion of tears,

the news headline was like a whisper from the devil,

feeding me with sympathy in a plate of pity.

aunty was a saint on earth

with no crown on her head nor a seed planted

to bear fruits that her roots have written

in the soil of a wicked world.

at 41, collapsed in the cold hands of death.

tears embraced me like my girlfriend

giving me a warm welcome in her bosom,

I felt the bitter salty kisses stapled on my lips.

a question that still hangs on the branches of my heart -

why do good people die too soon?

Ayoade Olamide

Ayoade Olamide is a poet, teacher and content creator who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. His work has appeared twice in "Poetry in Motion" blog and his poems have won competitions like the Poetic Litany monthly edition. He has his poem accepted in the "Academy of the Heart and Mind" journal. You can contact him on Instagram - @call_me_lamixane


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