Writers Hunted and Killed by Taliban


I have mentioned in podcasts and writings the need to take writing seriously especially when writers are faced with the constant dangers to their life from dictatorships and criminal organizations. We have lost more journalists in Mexico in the past few months and now poets and journalists are being hunted and murdered in Afghanistan. The below article spells out the details. Ariel Chart supports the call to accept artists and writers for political asylum in the United States and others countries willing to resettle them. As a writer and military veteran, this call comes with a sad heart because our present leaders have yet to recover ALL the Americans and Afghan-allies still trapped there as we speak. Chances are likely many more poets and journalists will die before a few might be able to escape by other means or by other organizations to live a life in exile; yet write and live free. Keep these souls in your prayers and in your writing.

Paul Seward & Mark Antony Rossi

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  1. i recall in the past you mentioning this very topic. it hits home when seeing it up close. writing is important. writing can be fatal in certain places of the world. we are fortunate to live in a free society. let us pray we can keep it that way.

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