i fear for my republic

I fear for my republic



I fear for my republic


an arthritic










is in charge.


Just like places


ripe with bananas


we will blame




who stopped


being generals


three stars ago


and doctors


who practice




much more


than biology.


i fear for my republic


the needle


they offer


feels a lot like


Capital punishment.



Mark Antony Rossi


Mark Antony Rossi is a combat & cold war USAF veteran, writer and host of the global arts & affairs podcast “Strength To Be Human” https://strengthtobehuman.podbean.com

His writing has been recently published in Ariel Chart, Granfalloon (Canada), Indian Periodical (India) Philadelphia Stories and Zin Daily (Croatia). He is the author of the critique of wokeness book “Cancer Culture” https://www.somapublishing.com and the military veteran guide to PTSD, “Writing as Therapy: Tools to Treat Trauma” (also available at Soma) and volunteers as a counselor to those in mental distress at the Veterans Administration.


  1. big concern of mine as well. if it were just well-meaning mistakes i could handle but this is arrogance and possibly unconstitutional power grabbing.

  2. Sometimes leadership mistakes comes at the cost of tragic losses.

  3. i find it hard to see how catering to the very same people who facilitated the terrorists who attacked up 20 years this day ----is the best vision for american security. not a hawk but no means but i wonder if our perception of weakness endangers us than the last guy in office.

  4. Powerful and concise. I never thought this would ever be written about the U.S.

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