The Decade Within the Beats (Streaming)


The Decade Within The Beats (Streaming)


Truces, pacts, and trade deals, televised war

conflict-hot or cold.

Bomb strikes, strikes-Ché Guevera.


Riots, draft cards burning in pockets,

on streets sit-ins, walk-outs, protests.


Paint it Black- Civil rights:

Thurgood Marshall, Robert C. Weaver,

Black Panthers M.L.K.


Ed Sullivan in the middle, helping all voices count,

knowing that music is the great link:


Blonde on Blonde-

Warhol channels Marilyn

Leary weds Window Pane.


An actor becomes a governor,

and through public sacrilege, a Beatle becomes a pariah.


Indira, Fidel, Leonid, Charles (oui, oui)

Space walks, Moon landings, Star Trek (Spock)


Maharishi or Manson


Walt created a small world

later, entered a larger one.


Dick Speck, Chuck Whitman

Bobby and Robert and Martin (tears)


British Invasion, Fab Four, (screams)

Woodstock, Monterrey, (wowing electric!)

Newport. (controversial electric!)


Rawboned courage,

front and center,

in that unsettled time,

as the beat went on,

and it still streams.



Linda Imbler


Linda Imbler’s poetry collections include five published paperbacks: Big Questions, Little Sleep, Big Questions, Little Sleep” second edition (expanded with 66 additional poems), Lost and Found, Red Is The Sunrise, and Bus Lights, Travel Sights.  Soma Publishing has published her four e-book collections, The Sea’s Secret Song, Pairings, a hybrid of short fiction and poetry, and That Fifth Element, and Per Quindecim. Examples of Linda’s poetry and a listing of publications can be found at  In addition to writing, she helps her husband, a Luthier, build acoustic guitars in Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A.


  1. so far streaming the wave of the future. let's see how long before they get greedy and die a denver dog's death.

  2. Joe, thank you very much for reading and commenting on my work.

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