Climbing the Wall


Climbing the Wall

In this global chaos
we're being gifted pictures
of wolves in sheep clothing,
the news faucets flood with insanity every sod of ground, every stone

We were like monkeys on a raft, some weed and fruit,
some real good times

but we ended up in the fauces
of Evermore
where they slayed all truths and hyperboles take multiple forms

Well, in here it's all a gathering
of the weak, subdued to sly speeches, new rules, tyranny

It's just a taking in the poison
and a falling from the trees

I can see a conceptual wall, though, but the senses are still somewhat blurred

Climbing on top of the wall might be a bit risky, but also
makes you wanna spread your wings



Mihaela Melnic


Mihaela Melnic lives and writes in Rome, Italy, where her prose and poetry evolve and take different shapes with every new life experience. Her recent work has appeared or are forthcoming in various venues, including Dissident Voice, Transcendent Zero Press, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Impspired magazine, and Alien Buddha Press. Her latest work, the book "Evermore", was written in co-authorship and released in September 2021 through 17Numa Press.


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