If You Close Your Eyes


If You Close Your Eyes


Green lungs in ribbons, oceans in fever, stones slipping through
the net, yet the will
to change things
is imprisoned.

Eagles fail at telling apart their own nests; with tightly closed wings
they swoop down as grief
in their plumes
takes shape.

If you close your eyes about this, tomorrow not only trees will be
leafless, not only seas
will dry up, not only
mountains will crumble

but also everything else will vanish and all beauty will only be
dreamed in time. 



Mihaela Melnic


Mihaela Melnic lives and writes in Rome, Italy, where her prose and poetry evolve and take different shapes with every new life experience. Her recent work has appeared or are forthcoming in various venues, including Dissident Voice, Transcendent Zero Press, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Impspired magazine, and Alien Buddha Press. Her latest work, the book "Evermore", was written in co-authorship and released in September 2021 through 17Numa Press.


  1. such an ever-changing lineup of interesting writers with vision and heart. Ariel Chart is a wonder to read.

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