Garden of Dreams


Garden of Dreams


How soft, how blithesome flows the wind,

its spring song a gentle refrain,

that I might lie amid tulips, daisies and daffodils, still —


writing light poems as sunshine spills.


Scribbling until only a sliver of daylight remains,

that I might feel the joy of a fresh story penned,

in the garden of childhood, the avenue of dreams —


where sunset meets starlight, a journey of imagination sings.



Stacie Eirich


Stacie Eirich is a writer, singer & library associate. A former English Instructor, she holds a Masters Degree in English Studies from Illinois State University, where she also studied music and frequently performed. She is the author of The Dream Chronicles, a middle-grade fantasy series (2016-2019). Her poems have appeared in Auroras & Blossoms AnthologiesScarlet Leaf Review, MUSED Literary Review & Ruby Magazine. She lives near New Orleans, La with three cats, two kids and one fish.


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