Song of Summer Morning


Song of Summer Morning


Sunlight spills with trills of birdsong,

floating through the air on blithe wings of summer morn —


How alight are the chirrups of the wren!

How alive are the chatters of the sparrow!


Soft are the whispered whirrs of a blue jay

to rouse us from dreams,

Sweet are the coos of a mourning dove

to stir us from sleep.


Symphonies of summer splendor awake at dawn,

fresh and bright as shimmering dew upon fields of green —


How fortunate the many feathered voices of nature!

How splendid the yellow warblers' song heralds the day!


Swift are the robins' calls

to wake us from slumber,

Serene are the starlings' melodies

to move us towards joy.



Stacie Eirich


Stacie Eirich is a writer, singer & library associate. A former English Instructor, she holds a Masters Degree in English Studies from Illinois State University, where she also studied music and frequently performed. She is the author of The Dream Chronicles, a middle-grade fantasy series (2016-2019). Her poems have appeared in Auroras & Blossoms AnthologiesScarlet Leaf Review, MUSED Literary Review & Ruby Magazine. She lives near New Orleans, La with three cats, two kids and one fish.


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