A Broken Heart in Iraq


A Broken Heart in Iraq


Part I. Night Descends


while i'm away with legionnaires

settling their quicks and qualms,

i see black clouds rollin in

o'er the arabian palms.


as the rays that once fell on me

begin to fade away

winds of change, bring the rain

as night descends on day.


today my tongue has fallen silent

my eyes transfixed on the paper,

i feel like i'm floating into oblivion

for with each word, i taper.


as true as it is that i'm losing a lover

i'm losing a friend today

i set aside your latest letter

as night descends on day.


no better pair was ever made

we were clearly ordained from above

but as he giveth, he taketh away

the lovers no longer in love.


were my transgressions nearly as great

as the punishment i pay?

what spite and wrath has god wrought

as night descends on day.



Part II. The Storm Subsides


the thunder claps and lightning flash

all throughout the night

it seems as if this storm itself

has its own internal fight.


I lay on my back staring out

wondering where do I go from here?

then the sky falls into my eyes

and to one side, a tear.


the storm continues churning,

now inside of me.

I watch myself, tear in two

with loathsome clarity.


all the flash and bang is still

happening before my eyes,

but soon begins subsiding

as i begin to cry.


I hang my head and drain my pain

into my canteen,

until the storm I saw before me

is totally unseen.


I hold before me all my pain

then hold it high in cheers,

realized she was behind me

and drank that cup of tears.


Part III. The Dawn


I have traveled back home,

by sea and by land

to find what was meaningful,

soulless and bland.


I confront my old love

and when everything was said,

alone I retired

and lay down my head.


I awake with thirst quenched

to see the light play,

bathing in the dew

of this new dawning day.


As I travel the country

a light nearly blinds me,

slicing the horizon,

finding its way through the trees.


I start to raise a hand

to shield my eyes,

but as I begin to

I realize...


that this light is a love

returning to me

in a new form

and setting me free.




Marc LeMere



I am currently serving on active duty with our US armed forces and have served 3 tours in combat. I am a proud father of 4 and spend my free time reading, writing and providing community service to my local area. I have shared some of my poetry as well as advice, political opinion pieces and personal journey on http://marclemere.blogspot.com/ and https://www.themoderndadlife.com/. I plan on retiring soon and want to live abroad while continuing to write and share with the online community.

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