my words are like bullets

flying in sprays

shredding and maming

and causing dismay.


fired from a gun without

given a thought

carefree and pius,

a burden there's not.


perceptions my brother

and harbored in most

but responsibility is gone,

no credit to host.


We are not what we say,

nor know what we do

and carry the identity

that pistol hands do.


a bullet finds target

and target lay slain,

oblivious I stroll

to find target again.



Marc LeMere



I am currently serving on active duty with our US armed forces and have served 3 tours in combat. I am a proud father of 4 and spend my free time reading, writing and providing community service to my local area. I have shared some of my poetry as well as advice, political opinion pieces and personal journey on http://marclemere.blogspot.com/ and https://www.themoderndadlife.com/. I plan on retiring soon and want to live abroad while continuing to write and share with the online community.

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