Seasonal Change

Seasonal Change



Focused on the season as it changes

Cool mornings refreshing the days

Drifting onwards with gentle sensations

Like clocks ticking softly and musical chimes


Waking to sunlight like a hand gently touching

No strident sensations of screeching alarms

No beeping or tweeting other than bird songs

A glorious sunrise to open the eyes


As cumulous clouds in a tranquil blue sky

Making formations in a cartoonish display

Like The Umbrellas of Cherbourg their manifestations

Presenting the dichotomy of seasonal change


Days made for walking without destination

With a dog and a loved one for perfect companions

To lighten the heart with each happy step on the way

And sidewalks seem like pathways to The Wizard of Oz


Focused on the season as it changes

Lingering days on a calendar page

Adding dimensions in easy progression

The rhythm moves onward in the seasonal change



Bruce Levine



  1. ive been meaning to comment on your work. Bruce, you do a really good job with these nature pieces.

  2. "No beeping or tweeting other than bird songs" A terrific line.

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